2-Shot Injection Molding

2-Shot injection molding is a fully automated process that involves filling a mold with a thermoplastic resin, then automatically moving the mold to a station where a second resin is applied, creating a finished product. This process is different and more efficient than overmolding, which involves molding resin over an existing part. With 2 material, 2 shot plastic molding, you create a molecular bond that prevents the two resins from separating.

While successful, this process is also complex and requires an injection molder with the right expertise.

HiTech Plastics and Molds has over 30 years of mold making and injection molding experience. Our engineers use CAD technology to fine-tune your design and identify any issues that could impact molding success. A certified facility equipped with press sizes ranging from 100 to 500 tons, along with our large network of molding experts, gives us the ability to handle any project.

We also provide several secondary services to give you a “one-stop shop” for your thermoplastic injection molding project.

Double Injection Molding: Get Better Product Quality at A Lower Cost

Two-shot injection molding is a versatile solution for designs requiring two different thermoplastic resins. Typical applications for double plastic injection molding include parts made from a hard and soft plastic or those molded using two different colors. The process works to create ergonomic parts, enhance the look of a finished product, or add tactile features to parts such as keypads.

Molding one resin directly onto the other improves part integrity over assembling two separately molded parts. You’ll also save money because double-shot molding requires less equipment and production time than other methods. Other benefits of double shot thermoplastic molding include:

  • More design flexibility
  • Better control over quality, resulting in reduced waste
  • Fewer processes and equipment required to create a part
  • Faster than molding two parts separately
  • Minimizes or eliminates secondary assembly

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Customers across all industries trust HiTech for two-shot thermoplastic molding and other custom injection molding services. You can trust our experienced engineers to deliver high-quality, double shot molded parts based on your specifications. Submit a quote for your design today or send us a message to discuss your custom injection two shot injection molding requirements.