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Part Assembly at HiTech

HiTech Plastics and Molds offers a value added advantage to Injection Molding by offering assembly of the plastic parts as a part of our total molding solution. We use our best effort philosophy and work to integrate the plastic part assembly into the total molded part process. Frequently, there is a cost savings to the customer if a subsequent operation is completed at our facility and often right at the molding press. Sometimes all that is necessary is a simple assembly such as the addition of an o’ring which can be done at the press after the part has been ejected from the mold. On other occasions, the assembly process becomes more complicated. For short runs, it is often economical and simple to hand assemble various parts to make the finished product.

At times, assembly of the end product becomes more complicated. Each application must be considered on its own as each has its own characteristics and requirements. To select the proper assembly process, it is imperative that several factors be defined including the component materials (including internal parts, if any), part geometry, complexity of the part, part size, and wall thickness. End-user requirements must also be factored into the decision. Production volumes cannot be overlooked as some processes are completed within seconds, while others may take almost a minute to complete. Capital equipment cost needs to be the last consideration. It is important to consider long-term processing costs such as scrap, downtime, and mold changes rather than dismiss a specific process due to initial cost of equipment.

Three main categories used in assembly of plastic components are:

  • Mechanical means such as screws, rivets, and press fit. This method is most often used when the product may need to be disassembled during the product “lifetime”. Mechanical means are also used in low-volume applications.
  • Adhesives are most commonly used in applications where the materials are not compatible and in which a permanent assembly solution is required. There are many different types of adhesives, so HiTech will work closely with the supplier to determine the adhesive that is best suited to accomplish the desired end result and will work best with the resin being used to mold the part.
  • Friction and heat methods are used most often when the plastic materials used are compatible and when your end result requires a permanent seal.

These assemblies could include several of the other secondary services mentioned in detail on other pages of our website such as:

Whatever the assembly needs may be, HiTech is committed to provide our customers with the best, highest quality solution available and will work with any and all of our vendors as a team effort to make your assembled product.