Ultem® Plastic Injection Molding Services

Ultem® is an amorphous thermoplastic polyetherimide (PEI) resin with excellent strength and high temperature resistance properties. The material’s long-term heat resistance makes Ultem® injection molding manufacturing ideal for medical devices that must withstand autoclave sanitation or products made for submersion in boiling water.

As one of the most dimensionally stable thermoplastics available, this material is well-suited for electronics, medical, aerospace, and other high-performance applications.

Ultem® exhibits several exceptional properties, including:

  • Heat resistance and performance up to 340˚F
  • 94-V-0 flammability rating
  • Low smoke output
  • High chemical and acid resistance
  • High dielectric strength
  • Good arc resistance
  • Environmental stress and cracking resistance

Ultem® Injection Molding Manufacturing Services

HiTech Plastics & Molds offers Ultem® injection molding for projects of all sizes and quantities. Our team is focused on quality, excellent workmanship, and customer satisfaction. With in-house design and engineering capabilities and secondary machining services, we can handle your project from start to finish.

Choosing Between PEEK and Ultem®/PEI Injection Molding Resins

Both PEEK and Ultem®/PEI engineering thermoplastics exhibit high strength, chemical resistance, and other properties that make them suitable for high-performance applications.  As specialized plastics, you rarely see either used in standard thermoplastic injection molded parts. 

Both materials resist steam and autoclave cycles, but Ultem® plastic has a higher glass transition temperature (Tg) than PEEK due to its morphological structure. Ultem® has a lower max continuous operating temperature but adding glass fiber or other material reinforcement to the resin can significantly improve temperature resistance.

Both materials exhibit excellent electrical properties, but Ultem® plastic has higher dielectric strength (up to 830 V/mil versus 480 V/mil), depending on the grade. Deciding between PEEK and Ultem® thermoplastic injection molding can be difficult, but our experts are here to help you find the perfect resin for your molding project.

Ultem® Injection Molding Resin Material Options

Ultem® resin has great processability and comes in over 100 grades, each with varying properties. We understand that each application is unique and offer a broad range of Ultem® grades under the following categories:

  • Unfilled Ultem® Resins: These resins are FDA-approved and resist UV and Gamma radiation. Untilled Ultem® plastic also has excellent resistance to hot air and water environments, including boiling water and steam autoclave cycles.
  • Reinforced Ultem® Resins: The addition of glass fiber, PTFE, and other materials improves dimensional stability, tensile strength, and rigidity. Filled resins have excellent strength-to-weight ratios and long-term heat resistance.

Contact Us to Discuss Ultem® Injection Molding Service Options

HiTech Plastics & Molds is committed to quality and customer satisfaction. We have the expertise to problem-solve design challenges and help you find the best solution for your project. Contact us to learn more about our Ultem® injection molding manufacturing capabilities.