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In Mold Decorating

In-Mold Decorating

HiTech Plastics has experience in In-Mold Decorating(IMD). Through IMD we can achieve different colors, effects, and textures that are completed in the molding process. “This allows our customers to express their personalities by manufacturing products with radically different looks. In this process, there is no need to change the tool or the resin color. The process uses a film and that film can change the appearance or texture dramatically. IMD offers design flexibility and productivity advantages versus other decoration methods done after molding. These benefits include design flexibility; multiple colors, effects, and textures with a single operation: long-lasting graphics; and system cost reductions.

The graphics in IMD are encapsulated between the film and the resin. A pre-printed transfer is positioned in the mold(high-accuracy positioning), achieving simultaneously transferring onto the plastic surface while molding.