EMI & RFI Shielding

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), also known as Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), is any form of electromagnetic radiation or disturbance emitted from an electrical component to interfere with the operation of other electronic components. In the case of our products, this shielding is done intentionally. Including RFI and EMI shielding on plastic parts provides excellent shielding, superior adhesion, uniform coverage, a cost-effective way to accomplish shielding performance.

By forming strategic partnerships, HiTech Plastics and Molds can offer customers options in surface plating for injection molded parts for RFI and EMI shielding and decorative reasons. We have partnered with some of the finest resources who provide mil-spec painting, powder coatings, and plating of your plastic parts.

What is the Difference Between Surface Plating & Coating?

Surface coating and surface plating are two processes used to cover the surface of a substrate with a substance for decorative or functional purposes, including RFI and EMI shielding. Often, surface plating and coatings are used for both purposes. For example, a covering can improve the substrate’s appearance while protecting it from corrosion.

The main difference between the two services is that while coating can be done on both conductive and non-conductive surfaces, surface plating can only be done on conductive surfaces. However, despite the more limited surface usage, plating comes with many advantages. Compared to surface coating, surface plating provides improved decorative properties, better corrosion resistance, a more significant reduction of friction, improved radiation shielding, and more for injection molded parts.

Shielding Injected Molded Parts Against EMI & RFI

Plastic parts can be finished with a highly reflective coating—creating a “chrome” look—and provided with shielding solutions. Thin film coatings do not interfere with the final assembly of the product and can be applied to most plastics. Another surface plating technique applies a thin coat of special metallized materials to provide a high reflectivity to plastic parts.

Our techniques are applied in an environmentally friendly process to produce RFI and EMI-shielded plastic components for a wide range of industries, including:

Industry-specific applications can and do include ISO certifications. Specifications will change on a case-by-case basis. HiTech is happy to comply with your application’s unique requirements. For instance, we have successfully worked with the tight RFI shielding tolerances required by the aerospace and aviation industries for over twenty years by creating antenna housings and other products.

EMI & RFI Shielding Resins for Plating

EMI and RFI surface plating shielding can be made in a variety of resins. HiTech can help you find the best plating resin for your application. Materials commonly used for EMI and RFI shielding include:

  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • Polyphthalamide (PPA)
  • Polyphenylene Oxide (PPO)
  • Polyether Imide (PEI)
  • Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
  • Poly Aryl Amide
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
  • PC/PBT blend
  • PC/ABS blend

If your application requires a different material than what we’ve listed, our experts can help you find a custom solution for your surface plating needs.

Find the Right RFI & EMI Shielding Surface Plating Today

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