Injection Molding for the Construction Industry

HiTech Plastics has recently begun to manufacture plastic injection molded parts for the Construction Industry. Besides lower costs involved in the production of plastic parts, they are popular because many of the materials used are even stronger than costlier metals, they are lightweight, and can often be recycled. Places where plastic parts can now be used in the building process include insulation, flooring, walls, windows, roofing, and piping, just to name a few.

To serve this industry, HiTech offers the expertise to build a mold which will be used to make the product. We have a wide variety of Injection Molding Machines from 100 T to 500T which allows a wide variety of size and shape of products to be molded. Our Engineering team works with material experts to decide on the very best material which will provide all of the attributes necessary to make the best and highest quality part determined by how and where the part is to be used.

Our design, manufacturing, and engineering team will work with you to meet your product development timeline, product design optimization, and budget. For your next injection molding project, please contact our sales team at or by calling us at 818-477-2777.