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HiTech Announces Acquisition of Rights to Distribute the FILTER BOSS Product Line

HiTech has acquired the rights to manufacture and distribute the FILTER BOSS, a product which is used in the painting industry by Paint Contractors as an accessory to many spray gun models to distribute paint flow evenly. The FILTER BOSS mold was built at HiTech and the parts were always manufactured in our plant and shipped to Spray Sok for distribution. Julie Brame, the CEO of Spray Sok made the decision a few months ago to sell off the SPRAY SOK product line and to allow HiTech to make and distribute FILTER BOSS, since HiTech built and holds the mold which manufactures the parts. Within the next few months, HiTech will actively reach out to any and all of the Spray Sok customers who purchased FILTER BOSS to sell at their Paint and Hardware stores throughout the US and Canada.

HiTech Wins Contracts for iPhone Cases With Large Major Entertainment Company

Made in the USA with Pride Logo

Known for their thermoplastic services capabilities and exacting expertise, HiTech wins contracts for iPhone cases to protect iPhones and provide eye-popping graphics. The large major entertainment company wanted a reliable partnership with a US-based injection molding manufacturer in an effort to reshore its manufacturing source to the USA.

Medical Customer Gets Approval for Specialized Medical Clip

Advanced Medical Innovations has designed a specialized medical clip now approved for use at UCLA Hospitals and others. The medical industry clip whose tool was built at HiTech will provide for a more sterile work environment during surgery and other medical procedures. HiTech used a collaborative approach providing support throughout the entire process.

Cell Phone Communications Leader Approved New Part Design at HiTech to Cosmetically Improve Cell Tower Appearance

A new mold built at HiTech is producing specialized plastic leaves which improve the aesthetics of cell towers as mandated in the states of California, Nevada, & Arizona. The leaf is designed to look authentic and to withstand the elements of nature such as wind, rain, and variations of temperatures.

HiTech Plastics and Molds Moves to a New and Improved Location

HiTech Plastics new Facility and BuildingHiTech Plastics and Molds moved to a new and improved location in January of 2015. This vertically integrated fully air conditioned facility in Valencia, CA provides custom injection molding services, product assembly, new mold design and custom injection mold building, and quick turn-around repair for existing molds. The electrical infrastructure of the new location was ideal for the needs of large manufacturing equipment. The facility is located conveniently off the I-5 on Rye Canyon Road at the Magic Mountain Exit. The easy access off of I-5 allows us to provide our customers and vendors with even greater service and efficiency. The location was ideal in that even our employees have a very easy commute and all of them chose to follow us to our new location. The plant in Valencia within The City of Santa Clarita was named one of the top five most business-friendly cities in Los Angeles by the Los Angeles Economic Development Commission (LAEDC) for 2015. Valencia (part of Santa Clarita) is a planned community so it is an ideal location to conduct business, live and play. To learn more about the Santa Clarita area go to:

Supplying Aerospace Parts for 25 Years and Growing

HiTech reaches the 25th year anniversary of supplying aerospace parts for utilization in both military and consumer applications. HiTech Plastics and Molds (previously Hi Tech Plastics and Hi Tech Mold Co.) has been in the business of making molds and molded parts for over 25 years. We are proud to serve the Aerospace Industry with several products, radomes, electronic housings, and bezels being among them with even greater service and efficiency.

Hitech Plastics Achieves AS 9100: Rev. C / ISO 9001:2008 Certification Aug 2012

Representing the first international effort to formulate a quality management system standard for the aerospace industry, AS9100 continues to show its long-term value. The standard supplements ISO 9001 by addressing the additional expectations of the aerospace industry.

Hitech Plastics Achieves AS 9100: Rev. B / ISO 9001:2008 Certification Aug 2010

Representing the first international effort to formulate a quality management system standard for the aerospace industry, AS9100 continues to show its long-term value. The standard supplements ISO 9001 by addressing the additional expectations of the aerospace industry.

Initially released in October 1999 by the Society of Automotive Engineers in the Americas and the European Association of Aerospace Industries in Europe, and shortly thereafter by standards organizations in Japan and Asia, AS9100 was a cooperative effort of the International Aerospace Quality Group. As such, it combines and harmonizes requirements outlined in the SAE's AS9000 and Europe's prEN9000-1 standards. Recently, AS9100 was revised to align with ISO 9001:2000.

HiTech Celebrates Ten Years Under New Ownership

February 2017 marks the tenth year of growth under new leadership at HiTech Plastics and Molds. Cypress Manufacturing, LLC purchased HiTech Plastics and HiTech Mold February of 2007. The company was started in the 1980’s as a machine shop to build molds for plastic injection molding industry. Because of its quality and consistency, the company purchased some molding machines and began HiTech Plastics. These skills established a foundation that allows Hitech to problem solve in house all aspects of the molding process. “During the past nine years, we have focused on getting the organization ready to grow and scale as new opportunities arise,” according to HiTech’s CEO: “We are now ready to expand our customer base, supported by a properly-developed manufacturing team…a highly-skilled team that understands and has implemented best practices in manufacturing, including Scientific Molding techniques.

HiTech Invests in the Future with State-of-the-Art Training

The California Employment Training Panel (ETP) provides funding to employers to assist in upgrading the skills of their workers. ETP awarded HiTech Plastics and Molds a grant for training funds. Immediately, training commenced, focusing on two primary objectives. The first objective was to improve HiTech employees’ computer skills and knowledge of IQMS/Enterprise IQ, including advanced training in the Accounting, Inventory, Material Planning, and Standard Pricing modules. The second focus was Continuous Improvement, with training sessions in Quality Control, Lean Manufacturing, and Materials Management. The results…great quality products, produced on time at a competitive price.

HiTech Employees Hone Computer Skills and Continuous Improvement Procedures

A California state grant supported employee training in continuous improvement and computer skills. The grant funds were used to support training in Enterprise Requirements Planning software (ERP), which is used throughout the company for manufacturing and accounting. Production and engineering personnel took a three-day course in Scientific Molding to improve their knowledge of advanced molding techniques. A two-day course was offered in Set-up Reduction, a key element of lean manufacturing. Cash monitoring and forecasting processes were implemented to improve cash management. New ERP accounting software, specifically designed for plastics manufacturing, was installed and a standard costing and inventory tracking system was implemented. The standard costing inventory management system has proven to be highly accurate.

HiTech Refines its Financial and Accounting Systems

HiTech began working with Randall Wheeler, Principle in West Coast CFO, a Certified Management Accountant with 15 years of executive level experience in public company accounting, to develop the financial and accounting systems one would expect to find in a well run publicly held corporation. Randy has assisted with developing cash management and cash flow forecasting tools. HiTech has also implemented a standard costing and inventory tracking system utilizing our ERP software package. These tools, systems, and processes provide valuable information in our daily management of the business. With Randy’s help HiTech has a monthly accounting process that generates accurate and timely financial statements.

Inventory Accuracy Achieved at World-Class Levels

HiTech inventory accuracy is the fundamentally important to satisfying customer needs and providing quick turnaround. The efforts of many key people in the organization results in world-class performance levels when measured in either dollar accuracy or count accuracy levels. The standard costing inventory management system has proven to be highly accurate, with physical to perpetual variances averaging 98%+ accurate. Accurate inventory tracking improves management decision-making and improved cash flow forecasting.

Injection Molding Experts John Bozzelli and Kip Doyle Team up to Provide Scientific Molding Training at HiTech

Scientific Molding is a key differentiator when selecting a molder who has the tools to problem solves even the most difficult injection molding issues. HiTech employees from various company disciplines have attended multiple training classes in Scientific Molding. Kip Doyle of POV Plastic Solutions taught the classes at HiTech’s facility.

Scientific Molding is the manufacturing policy of continuously optimizing material selection, part design and tool design so proper resin processing efficiencies can exceed those of international competitors.

An Industry veteran, Doyle has more than thirty years of experience in the injection molding industry, working with a wide variety of machines, materials and processes. He has detailed knowledge of virtually all aspects of the injection molding industry. He has proven expertise in Scientific Molding techniques and is an RJG certified Master Molder (level II) and a Certified Trainer (level III).

Through the grant supplied by the State of California Employment Training Panel, HiTech brought Doyle from Battle Creek, Michigan to Chatsworth, California to teach Scientific Molding from “the Plastic’s Point of View.” The course content was originally developed by industry icon John Bozzelli, the pioneer of Scientific Injection Molding and owner of The structure for the course was a healthy mix of classroom lecture/group discussion and “hands on” training at the molding machine.

Highlights of the class included learning to separate “Machine Variables” from “Plastics Variables,” thus learning to process from the “Plastic’s Point of View.” The course also covered development of troubleshooting skills to objectively determine if a problem is related to the part design, tool, process, machine, or resin; and learning the key process variables to monitor during production and how they relate to the “Four Primary Plastic Conditions.”

Doyle utilized a number of unique videos, animations and training aids so that his students could better visualize the concepts being taught, including video footage shot using a glass faced mold allowing the students to actually experience and see plastic flow. Each student received a comprehensive custom-developed instruction manual, which will serve as a valuable resource now and in the future. with even greater service and efficiency. To learn more about Kip Doyle and his services visit More:

Michael Gozzo, Owner and Founder of Total Business Consulting Teaches Inventory Planning at HiTech

Portrait of Michael GozzoMichael Gozzo, president and founder of THE TOTAL BUSINESS CONSULTING GROUP, met with ten HiTech employees to teach Best Practices in Inventory Planning. Gozzo specializes in counseling and education for all levels of management in the areas of Supply Chain, Lean Thinking, Just-In-Time, Total Quality Management, ISO Implementation, Inventory Control and Production/Operations management.

An internationally known industry expert, Gozzo holds a BS Degree from the University of Connecticut and an Executive Program Masters Degree from University of New Haven. He is certified by the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS), is a member of American Society for Quality (ASQ), Institute of Supply Management (ISM), Society for Manufacturing Engineers (SME), and International Service Quality Association (ISQA). Mike authored the APICS training manual entitled “Cycle Counting.” He is a frequent lecturer for professional group conferences and has taught classes at numerous universities and colleges throughout the US, Europe and Canada.

At HiTech, Gozzo’s training covered Inventory and Inventory Costs. He explained reasons for carrying inventory, functions of inventory and inventory objectives. He also discussed balancing the cost of carrying inventory with the costs of not carrying inventory. Inventory costs include item cost, carrying cost, ordering cost, stock out cost, and capacity-related costs. Each of these subjects was fully examined. The results of this training and subsequent work effort have allowed HiTech to reduce its inventory 56% thru December 2009 with an additional 25% reduction planned for 2010. For more information on Total Business Consulting please go to their website.

Gozzo Returns to Teach Set-Up Reduction & Capacity Planning

Michael Gozzo of TBC, returned to HiTech to train the Quality Team on Set-Up Reduction and Capacity Planning and Scheduling. The first class demonstrated practical techniques and tools to attack lengthy set-ups. According to Gozzo, “Time is the single largest differentiator between providers of product and services.” Gozzo led the class in a discussion of effective cycle time management through the elimination of waste. Cycle time opportunities included equipment downtime, queue time, waiting time, distance, and material delay, just to name a few.

The Five Elements of Set-Up were defined, followed by the Stages of Set-Up Reduction. The class observed a real time set-up on our production floor. Then they compiled the set-up activities on one form. Students determined the times for each activity and determined the “As-Is” cycle time, separating internal and external activities. The goal was to re-engineer the process for improved cycle time, then document the new process. As part of this training, the training group evaluated an initial setup and demonstrated the theory by reducing the setup time by 35%.

The value of the training provided the impetus to do another. The plan is to review jobs that have repeated business that require multiple set-ups. We will then address a selected group to review the set-up time in the first quarter in 2010. As a follow-up to the class, another set-up on the press floor has been videotaped at HiTech. The Engineering and Operations team will reevaluate that set-up and identify how to eliminate wasted time and change processes for set-up reduction of 50% or more.

The second day of training was focused on Capacity Planning and better utilization of the tools provided by our ERP system. This will be an important focus for Hitech’s future, to serve our customer’s with even greater service and efficiency. More:

Continuous Improvement: Quality Team Attends IQMS Training

Gustavo Urquizo, a trainer from IQMS, came to HiTech to complement previous training on our Enterprise Requirement Planning (EPR) System. The system was implemented at HiTech in 2007. An innovator in ERP software, IQMS created the EnterpriseIQ System, a truly single-source software solution that provides manufacturers with all the functionality to efficiently manage and improve business processes. The EnterpriseIQ System combines real-time manufacturing, accounting, and supply chain management into one database. Each Quality Team member had the opportunity to present questions to Gustavo about the best way to use the system to perform his or her own job, including manufacturing, accounting and inventory control.

Urquizo reviewed the Forecast Module with the Quality Team to support production optimization. The class learned how the Forecasting Module links to production planning and how to best utilize the tools provided within the system. Other topics covered in the training included production planning techniques to minimize inventory and optimize production.

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